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Essilor's name is well established. World manufacturer and distributor of optical products, Essilor sees the bigger picture by offering a new B2B e-commerce platform to wholesalers and eyecare professionals.

NXSTAR™ joins forces with Insum Solutions to create an e-commerce portal developed on APEX technology.


  • Transforming an existing traditional model into a virtual gateway for vision professionals and wholesalers

  • Digitizing ordering processes tailored to eyecare professionals, such as stock or tray ordering

  • Creating a multi-banners e-commerce platform to be leveraged by several brands within the Group


  • E-commerce experience adapts seamlessly to the customer realities, brand guidelines and each catalogue of Essilor banners.

  • Vision professionals can now conveniently shop with 3-clicks ordering methods or simply replenish their inventory using their barcode gun.

  • Orders are processed automatically without the need for customer service agents. Support staff is elevated to provide care services, assisting clients with added-value sales and ordering advice.

Key learnings


Customer support agents hold the most valuable client knowledge in the organization. Involve them early on to better understand customer journeys.


Replenishment is a repetitive and fastidious process. Find ways to accelerate the process with saved orders features.


Online shopping surely facilitates your clients' daily lives. Integrated services, based on shared intelligence revolutionize the way we do business. Think bigger than e-commerce.

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