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Building a North-American Digital Brand Identity

As a world leader in engineering and manufacturing industrial boilers, Groupe Simoneau is now looking to strenghthen their presence in markets all across North-America, Europe and the Middle-East.

NXSTAR™ leverages the power of branded storytelling and localized content production to greatly increase qualified lead generation.


Overseeing a marketing strategy shift towards a product-focussed positioning for Canada, US and global markets.

  • Joining the advisory board as the marketing experts

  • Creating 5 new product brands
  • Making 3D motion videos and a product catalogue

  • B2B lead generation website

  • 360° marketing and sales tools


  • Branding coherence

  • Increased awareness amongst engineers and contractors at specialized shows and events

  • Lead generation increase

  • Direct impact on production pipeline

  • Brand adoption by Simoneau employees

Key learnings


Start by telling a unique and true story. It is a great asset in fast-tracking production of marketing tools.


Localizing content appeals to a more targeted market and greatly increases conversion.


Get us involved in preparing the most granular sales tools. A well structured and branded proposal is a sure winner.

What people have to say about us.

NXSTAR™ literally joined our team! We are pleased by their interest to understand our market, products and services. They have helped us in every step of our business digital marketing turnaround. Their depth of analysis and creativity has definitively been the key to success for this major project. We strongly recommend NXSTAR™. A team dedicated to elevate its clients.

Maud Simoneau
Sales Director - Groupe Simoneau
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