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Keurig Canada Digital Transformation

Who doesn't know Keurig today? The small appliance manufacturer and coffee brands owner has changed the way we enjoy our favourite hot beverages.

The Canadian market joined the fun in 2011 and NXSTAR™ had something to do with it. Leading the transformation since day 1, our experts have guided Keurig cross-functional teams in adapting a US e-commerce and digital strategy to the realities of Canadian consumers. 


Building a multi-categories, multi-brands and multi-channel e-commerce business from the ground up.

  • Ecommerce Platforms Integration

  • Digital Strategy & Business Model
  • Direct Sales Acceleration

  • Multichannel Customer Experience

  • Digital Governance


  • Over 100 initiatives delivered

  • Kickstarting online sales and maintaining year-over-year growth

  • Integrating and managing a team of 5 internal talents

  • Introducing an ROI-driven culture

Key learnings


Digital transformation starts from within. Make it a CEO priority.


Do not apply, rather adapt a US digital strategy to the realities of Canadian consumers. Habits, tastes, geography, culture differ greatly.


A manufacturer's digital opportunity is often found within the distribution network.

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