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Fadi Brahimcha

Digital Advisor


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Let’s be honest. Digital transformation is a rare and often misunderstood trade. Yet it perfectly embodies the profession I have been practicing for the last 25 years. Every morning, I wake up with the same ambition: to help leaders carry out their digital programs from start to finish. I am a strategic planner dedicated to implement innovative visions. I challenge my clients to make tough decisions. I accelerate deliveries with agile methods.

I am a highly motivated intrapreneur who is not afraid to push oragnizational boundaries.

My challenge

Gather talented teams around a promising business model and help them reach individual and collective digital growth. 

My motivation

Prove that all problems can be solved with a single drop of conviction and leadership. 

My favourite moment

Host a dinner with my clients around our NXSTAR™ table to discuss digital innovation while enjoying a meal that I have prepared. 

Simon Charron

Digital Experience Designer


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Make me care they say. Promise me it will be worth my time. A customer chooses to visit one of your digital properties? Consider this as a privilege. Make the first seconds an unforgettable and relevant experience.

I am a digital transformation intrapreneur invested in creating an adapted, connected and human experience for each one of your clients. My degree in communication studies taught me how to establish a dialogue between two human beings.

To achieve this:

  • I seek to understand their habits, their journey.
  • I rally them around a story that touches their emotions, their universe.
  • I define content that informs them.
  • I give a direction to their interactions, regardless of the media, the chosen device or the environment.

My challenge

Reach 100% satisfaction amongst your client base, while contributing to your commercial objectives.

My motivation

Prove that behind every product and service lies a story to tell. You are emotionally richer than you think.

My favoutrite moment

Ask many questions. But, rest assure, I do that in a fun way and I remain friendly :)

Joelle Tambe

Digital Assets Factory


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I chose a sector with a thousand trades. I chose to work with multi-talented men and women. I am a digital transformation intrapreneur specialized in digital asset production.

My work is above about human relations. Understanding, connecting, motivating and coordinatog my client's and my own resources to form a single team, aligned on project delivery.

My challenge

Create a harmonious dialogue between creative and technical minds. Forunately, I speak both their languages.  By the way, before focussing on digital prodcution, I was myself a designer.

My motivation

Being part of this 4th global revolution; after steaming, electrification and automation, here comes the digital!

My favourite moment

Make a client smile when he or she feels overwhlemed with the accelerated rythm of a digital project.

And you!

Cross-Functional Leaders

#Marketing #IT #Logistics & Operations

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You are looking to optimize customer experience. You are eager to reach new market opportunities. You are constantly fighting against opertaional inefficiencies. 

In fact, you are agents of change. 

Your challenge

Transformation starts from within. Make sure you choose an influential leader who inspires your teams to join in. It could be you.

Your motivation

The tipping point when transformation starts paying off.

Your favourite moment

Savouring success every step of the way.